By now I’ve reviewed a shitload of cannabis-related items and gadgets. As such, I’ve come to believe if something is really good, I’ll be using it for a long time after I’ve finished the review. This happens to be just the case with my Abscent Bag.

Odor Absorbing Abscent Bags

Abscent Bag
At the beach! © The Stoned Society

Abscent is an odor absorbing bags producer, originating from San Diego, California. Aside from small pouches, they also make odor absorbing backpacks, duffel bags, inserts, toiletry bags and other things to stash your smell. All manufactured in North America.

I happen to have gotten ‘just’ the smallest version, the Pocket Protector through their European affiliate.

This too happens to be one of most fun people you’ll meet around European cannabis fairs and events. The Bag Lady’s Instagram page is a must follow!.

Abscent Bags Pocket Protector

I got the Pocket Protector because I had been looking for a stash bag that fits in my pockets for a long time. And one that didn’t tear or break like my other stash bags. Shipping was handled within one day!

This one I’ve now got on me for 6 months and I haven’t left home without it basically. It’s particularly helpful in countries where they are less lenient with the cannabis laws. As such, I brought it with me on various European trips already. It fits in my pockets, albeit it ‘just’ as I’ve got relative skinny jeans usually and packing various goods in my Abscent bag.

Abscent Bag
Peeking inside my Abscent bag. © The Stoned Society

I’ve been eyeing the backpacks too, as I’m on the lookout for a new one. Might as well be of good quality and odor absorbing. Until then, I continue enjoying my Pocket Protector!

Abscent bag
My Abscent bag opened, side view. © The Stoned Society

The Pocket Protector is available in 5 colors for 20-23,50 euros through and that’s where you’ll find the other products as well. If you’re from North America, visit the website.