I think I encountered Rolls filters for the first time at Cannafest in Prague 2016. Not very strange, as Rolls filters originate from the Czech Republic. The Czech are a big cannabis smoking country, with medicinal cannabis being available from pharmacies since 2012 (albeit with its fair share of problems) and cannabis possession decriminalized up to 15 grams.

I’ve tried and liked the Rolls filters before, but now I got a hold of two VIP packs each containing 60 filters so I could really give it a proper review.

Rolls filters
Rolls filters © The Stoned Society

Rolls filters packaging

What strikes you first when stumbling upon the filters are the always awesome packaging.

 always awesome packaging

This happens to be a bigger packaging, but the smaller 10 piece packaging, as well as other products, come in these colorfully designed packs.

Something the cannabis industry has taken notice of and so has Rolls.

Rolls filters
Rolls filters packaging © The Stoned Society
Rolls filters
Rolls filters packaging © The Stoned Society

On the back of the packaging, there’s some more detailed information.

Rolls filters
Rolls filters packaging © The Stoned Society

‘Thanks to the internal filter and processing quality many harmful substances are prevented from inhalation, temperatures are reduced and guarantees a unique experience’ it reads.

Smoking with Rolls filters

Rolls filters are slightly longer than your arrive filter tip you roll yourself. You can either make the filters stick out of your joint, or roll them into your long paper. I personally don’t mind my joint being a little longer or shorter.

Rolls filters
Rolls filter used in a joint © The Stoned Society

You make sure the opening of the filter is on the side where your mouth is, while the filled up part is positioned towards your cannabis.

Rolls filters
Inner side of the rolls filters. Pictured left and right is what goes to your mouth © The Stoned Society

When rolled up properly (I sometimes roll my joints too tight and they become difficult to puff) you’ll find your joints are much smoother than they would with a normal filter.

You really don’t want to go back to rolling up your filters again


You really don’t want to go back to rolling up your filters again, but you’ll pay a little more for that convenience.

You can order yours from the rolls69.com website. One VIP pack as shown in this images costs 7,99 euros and decreases in price if you order more than one. The small ones containing 10 filters are available for 1,5 euros. Like them? Ask your local coffeeshop/club/headshop/dispensary to stock them!


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