Gentleman’s Brand: Ambassador Kit V3 & Viceroy Kit [Review]

Gentleman's Brand Ambassador Kit V3 ( Espionage pen, Double Agent pen) & Viceroy Kit (Glass Globe) review all in one!


Definitely a sense of joy came to me on April 3rd, once I saw that I had a package waiting for me at the post office. I felt like a kid on Christmas day getting ready to open up a present that I knew was on my Santa list. I’m talking about the Gentleman’s Brand vapes from

From the beginning I was pleased with the presentation from the clean magnetic boxes and the unique logo with a deadeye man wearing a top hat. I received the Ambassador Kit V3 and also the Viceroy Kit. Both of these names were unique to the list of materials that came with each set.

Inside Each Kit:

Within the Ambassador kit, you really did feel higher within rank looking at all the fun goods inside. Inside the box I found:

  • LvlucEURDouble Agent Pen
  • Espionage Pen
  • V2 Cartridge
  • Mega V2 Cartridge
  • Dry Herb Cartridge
  • Non-stick Silicone Container for Concentrates
  • Rapid USB Charger
  • USB Pass-Through Cable
  • Wall Adapter
  • Silicone Mouth Tip
  • Stainless Steel Mouth Tip
  • User Guide

There was supposed to be a stainless steel filing tool that came with it, but that came a day a few days later. I am assuming that it will usually come within the box instead of sent separate like in my current situation. Two of the cartridges (Mega V2 and Dry Herb Cartridge) were meant for the bigger of the two pens, which was the Double Agent Pen.

oK_CIMzIWithin the Viceroy kit, we had the following:

  • 1 Viceroy Pen
  • 1 Glass Globe
  • 3 Nails for use with Glass Globe
  • Gentleman’s Brand Wall Charger
  • Gentleman’s Brand Rapid Charger

The nails are the piece of the product where the oils are placed on and where the coils burn.

Using the Double Agent Pen:

Double Agent Pen
Double Agent Pen

My favorite part about the Double Agent Pen was the fact that you can burn regular medicinal dry herb cannabis compared to other pens that are limited on only burning fully concentrated waxes and liquids. Also since the pen is so diverse it has a 3-level heat setting of low medium and high, depending on what you’re smoking. You can adjust each setting by hitting the burn button on the pen 5 times. You can tell which heat setting is on by the color of the button when it lights up, red is low, purple is medium and blue is hot.

Using the Espionage Pen:

My favorite pen ended up being the Espionage Pen, and the name was very fitting.

Espionage Pen
Espionage Pen

Countless time I was using this pen on my college campus and I was never stopped or questioned about my pen because it had somewhat of a secrecy about it. I found it to be the easiest out of all the pens to refill and use within a short amount of time, and I could conceal it anywhere when I want to bring it with me. It is definitely the pen I found myself using the most frequently and that others enjoyed more when I let them try the three. This pen is more of the on-the-go pen, which is something I do the most. The Double Agent pen would cause a little more attention I feel so I never tried it on campus because it’s bigger and more appealing look is not something I wanted in that situation


  Glass Globe Espionage Pen Double Agent Pen
Battery: 10 8 7
Learning Curve: 8 10 8
Price: 8 9 9
Durability: 5 9 10
High: 8 8 9


Espionage Pen:  8.8 – It isn’t really surprising that my favorite pen ended up having the highest rating on my review. I think it’s an all-around great pen that comes a combo pack or individually. May seem blunt and simple, but there’s not much to say besides that it is the best buy.

Double Agent Pen: 8.6 – I did mention before that this is the most diverse pen out the three being able to smoke different forms of cannabis and it’s definitely a solid pick at number two. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else, who did their own personal review, had this pen at number one.

Glass globe 7.8 – The lower score may attract some attention of why it is not as high as the others but the only thing causing concern really is the ‘glass globe’ part of the pen that can easily be damaged if not treated with care, as should be the attention of any piece you have. If the durability was rated as high as the others it still would be 3rd but definitely a much closer margin compared to the other pens.

For $109.95 USD, the Ambassador Kit including both an Espionage Pen and the Double Agent Pen could be yours! And for $74.95 USD, you can pick up your very own Viceroy Kit by heading over to the Gentleman’s Brand website!