In the United States, pipes aren’t something new. Glass pipes have been on the market for 30, 40 years and are commonly found in cannabis culture.

In Europe, most people (95%, even in the Netherlands), have been adding tobacco to their joints for years. Popular Moroccan hash can pretty much only be smoked with tobacco however.

And I too have spend most of my time when smoking cannabis with tobacco, if only it were because it’s common courtesy and easy to share with friends.

However, in the all-organic cannabis culture, I noticed some people using wooden pipes which resulted in an epiphany that these could very well be the trick for me to completely quit using tobacco, making an exception for hash. Of course you could quit smoking entirely by vaporizing or making ediblesif you aren’t quite sure this research can be trusted regarding smoking cannabis and it’s long-term effects.

I had bookmarked a cheap, nice wooden pipe on Amazon but had never made the final decision to actually make the purchase.

Luckily I didn’t, because a couple of months later the Goodfellas Jimmy ‘The Gent’ Burke pipe arrived in my mailbox.

Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media
Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

The distinguished hardwood pipe, named after James Burke, also knows as Jimmy ‘The Gent’ -a real life American gangster- served as inspiration for the character Jimmy ‘The Gent’ Conway, played by Robert De Niro, in the 1990 Goodfellas movie.

Other than it just looking fantastic, I’ve found this wooden pipe to be extremely pleasant in use. The smoke is smooth and barely noticeable, which makes it very easy on the throat.


  • Looks
  • Dropped it a few times, with no damage done
  • Smoke is smooth and barely noticeable
  • No tobacco!


  • Can’t use my Zippo lighter for this. I can’t name any other cons!
Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media
Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media


Want to quit tobacco and smoke like a sir? This unique wooden pipe is worth considering. For € 19,95 at, it could be yours.