The iHit: Hide Your Joint Wherever You Are [Review]

The iHit is an Iphone case with a built in hidden department to hold your joint wherever you take your cellphone.


I have owned many different types of iPhone cases over the many years that I’ve owned my iPhone and this is definitely one of the most unique and coolest cases that I have owned so far. It has a side department built into it to hide a joint or a cigarette.

ihit3If you are on the go and need a puff, all you have to do is just popping off the little clip on the top of the case then BAM! Out comes the joint. But there is one down fault about this.  You see, if you set down your case too hard the spring inside the case will shoot out the joint and it will go shooting across the room in front of employees or family if you’re unlucky.

But that’s the only downside about this case that I have come across. Besides that this case is dope. I had quite a few of my friends and even some employees come up to me asking: “What’s that on your phone?” And then I tell them that it hides a joint. But as a discreet case it’s not very discreet, if anything, it’s more of a conversation opener.

The iHit is an idea case for stoners or even cigarette smokers. It works well if you are attending an outdoor event or a party for example.

Using the iHIt

When you take a look at the iHit for the first time, you will never guess there’s a joint hidden in the iPhone case + a packer.

First, you just simply pop open the upper chamber and your joint/cig will spring up for easy access. Afterwards, you’re able to open up the bottom chamber to pack. Now you can enjoy!


  • Hide a full joint wherever you go
  • Cheap


  • The case doesn’t protect your screen
  • If you set down your phone too hard, the joint will launch out of the case

Want one? For $29.99 it can be yours by paying a visit to the iHit website. Free shipping within the US, while $6 is charged for international shipping. Iphone 5/5s ONLY!