Puffit Vaporizer Review

A beautiful little box arrived in the mail this week containing the Puffit Portable Vaporizer.

Puffit vaporizer unbox review

Puffit Vaporizer Review

We have reviewed a portable vaporizer before (click HERE for the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer review) with another review following soon after this one. This one comes from Azarius‘s headshop.

Let’s see what’s inside!







Inside the box:


  • The PUFFiT portable vaporizer
  • Neoprene Carry bag
  • 4 replacement screens
  • 3 replaceable hygienic mouth pieces
  • Herb stirring attachment
  • Cleaning tool
  • USB charging cable
  • Silicone heat shield



The Vaporizer also came with a free “Vape Enhancement Thingy” (yes, that’s the actual name they gave it), which keeps the ground weed stick close together near the heating element, was included for free by Azarius

Preparing the vaporizer for first time use

While you easily get over excited and tend to figure out how it works without a manual, I highly suggest you do. First of all, you should charge the device with the USB cable. Next up, remove the magnetic cap. Now remove the mouth piece by pressing at the sides and the mouth piece will come off. Plug in the cable at the side and simply plug the other end of the cable in your computer. It takes about 2.5-3 hours to charge up. The LED will blink slowly green when charging and will go out when finished.

When it’s charged up, remove the top cap and fill the chamber with your ground weed. For the best results, make sure your weed is finely ground and firmly packed. Now you have to apply the “Vape Enhancement Thingy” to the top cap, and you simply press the cap back down until you hear a click after which you turn the cap a little, ensuring it will stick in place. Don’t forget to apply the rubber cover that comes with the package, otherwise you might burn your fingers!

You can adjust the temperature at the other side of the USB entrance. It’s advised for the first time to start on the lowest setting. Feel free to adjust it later until you’ve found the perfect temperature. We had the best result at setting 8 (220 degrees celsius, 430 Fahrenheit) which is similar to its non portable big brothers.

Now it’s time to vape ‘n bake!

Using the Puffit vaporizer

Simply push down the top of the vaporizer firmly. A red light will show at the inhaling entrance, after which it will turn green when it’s heated up. Using the device is a little tricky at first, as you should slowly draw the vape instead of inhaling. It requires some getting used to, but after you’ve mastered it, this’ll surely get you high as fuck.

For this review, we used some White Widow, one of the most popular strains in Dutch coffeeshops. What’s great about vaporizers is that they are a lot more efficient compared to joints, blunts or bongs. And while smoking marijuana won’t really harm your lungs, you’ll understand that vaping is better for your health than smoking. During my testing, I got a very nice high, with barely no couchlock, making the device excellent for public use.

While it’s not the prettiest device (ironically, the box is beautiful), that’s what actually makes it brilliant. It’s disguised as an asthma inhaler, so unless people are monitoring your behavior and/or checking your eyes, you can use it everywhere without people knowing you are actually getting high.

One of the most important things for portable vaporizers is the battery usage of course. Total use depends on the temperature settings and what you are exactly vaping, but you should be able to get 25-30 cycles on a full charge. It’s advised not to use your vaporizer while charging.

After you’re done using the device, make sure to pop the magnetic cap back on to save the battery!


  • Gives a good high
  • The design (brilliant disguise!)
  • Portable
  • Build quality


  • Arguably the only one is that it looks a little lame, but who cares! You can get high while people think you have asthma!
  • It’s portable. It has a battery. It lasts quite long, but we always want a bigger battery. Don’t we?


This is the best portable vaporizer I’ve tried so far. Not as good as the Volcano or Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer wise, but those are on average twice as expensive. And this one is portable! Did I mention already it’s the perfect disguise? Yes, yes I did and I just did it again. It’s available for 140 euros (or 140$) and will last you long enough to save you money in the long run.

Interested in buying one? Want to support us? North America can order the Puffit vaporizer by clicking through here, Europeans else by clicking through here.