Review: Pitch ‘n Puff


While wandering around the twitter universe, I stumbled upon a little unique product: the Pitch ‘n Puff. It can be used to not only smoke marijuana, but as the name interprets, you can actually use it as a tee on the golf course. I contacted the inventors and not long after, I received 2 Pitch ‘n Puff’s in the mail for a review!

Pitch ‘n Puff

The Pitch ‘n Puff is at first glance a normal, simple golf tee. After a closer inspection, you’ll find that it is actually hollow and hereby enables the other function: the pipe. It’s the ideal gift for someone who likes to golf, but also likes a discrete puff every once in a while.

For the small amount of only 10$ (or €7,72 on the international Etsy site), you can’t really go wrong with this.

The Pitch ‘n Puff as a golf tee

I’m not a golfer, which something the average golfer (and everyone else in the world) will most likely notice. But because it is advertised as a golf tee as well, I figured I might as well take it out for a simple test spin to see if it would work.

The (very short) video was shot in a garden, because heading out to a golf course as a complete golf newbie, would mean complete failure. While I don’t see Tiger Woods using this anytime soon, it does stick well enough in the ground for it to stay where it is without flying away.


Luckily, my skills in the other aspect of the Pitch ‘n Puff are much more evolved…

Using the Pitch ‘n Puff as a pipe

Filled up with Amnesia

When you do switch from golfing to smoking, you’ll probably stumble upon a minor con of the tee: it might have some dirt attached to the mouth piece. A simple wipe will get rid of the dirt and you’ll be able to take a puff.

Because the shaft is obviously hollow, I recommend using small, whole pieces of bud. Grounding your bud may cause some pieces of marijuana fall through the shaft as you inhale.

The first time I encountered a small problem, it’s rather heavy for a small pipe and thus requires two hands. One to hold the pipe, the other to light the bud. When you do light up, it actually works pretty great for a small marijuana pipe. I was smoking on some homegrown Amnesia and a little bit of marijuana enabled me to take about 3 hits before I had to replace the bud.


  • Two aspects work as advertised
  • Cheap
  • Also works good enough as a standalone marijuana pipe


  • Rather heavy. Use one hand to hold the pipe, the other one to light the bud
  • If you use it to take a swing first, don’t forget you’ll have to wipe the mouth piece before you use it as a smoking device


It works as advertised, has a high durability (unlike a glass pipe, this won’t break when dropped), is easy to use, is discrete and for only 10 dollars: you can’t really go wrong as a small gift for the avid golfer/marijuana enthusiast. Most important: it’ll put a smile on your face every time you have to explain what it is.

To order, simply head to the Pitch ‘n Puff website.