REVIEW: Puk Glass Pipe


Puk Glass Pipe

Glass pipes are there in all different kind of shapes, colours and sizes, but this shape was yet to be seen. The PUK Pipe is a six chamber (each chamber being able to hold 0.5 gram), hockey puck shaped smoking device, hence the name.

They say it is “easily one of the most sophisticated pipes on the market”, which is being confirmed by the first impression of this unique device. It’s able to hold almost an entire eight of marijuana, actually allowing you to have up to 6 different strains for every hit! It’s being held together by a magnet in the middle, keeping the device securely locked for when you are traveling around.

Preparing the Puk Glass Pipe

As we open the box, we find the device and the a little plastic bag with 10 gauzes. First, you have to take the glass pipe apart by simply sliding the 2 sides towards the opposite sides.

The gauzes that came with this glasspipe were a bit large, so I had to use some scissors to cut them in a smaller, after which the gauzes should be fitted in the lower half.


Simply pop the top half back on, after which you should try and move it around to see if it goes smooth, if not one of the gauzes may be jamming between the 2 parts. Now, it’s time to grind your weed and fill each hole with your favorite strain.

When every hole is filled, turn the top half around making sure the top hole is above the flat surface. You can easily put the device in your pockets without loosing your valuable green.


Time to light up the Puk!

Using the Puk Pipe

To use the Puk, simply slide over the top half either clockwise or anti clockwise. Put your mouth against the hole at the side after which you light up the weed through the open hole like you would light your regular glass pipe.


After you’ve taken a hit, you can pass it through to your smoke buddy or go for another hit yourself by turning the top half one hole further.

I tested the PUK Pipe with our regular strain, the well known White Widow. After clearing every hole, I was pretty high. However, it is designed so that you can take a hit, close the pipe and take another hit later.


  • Design: Compact, beautiful and very clever. Considering it’s glass, it’s also pretty lightweight, while maintaining it’s sturdy feel.
  • It’s a pipe, thus only a lighter and your favorite strain required!
  • Also serves as weed storage.


Barely none, but if I’d have to name 2:

  • The gauzes are too large, small detail.
  • It’s glass. We haven’t dropped it to check the durability, but then again you shouldn’t drop glass out of your hands anyways.


With a reasonable price of $39.95 for this cleverly designed device which also serves as weed storage, we think it’s definitely worth the 40 bucks.

Interested in buying one and want to support The Stoned Society? Order your PUK Pipe online at Grass City today!