REVIEW: Vapir Rise

Just in case you had not heard, the Vapir Rise is the latest multi-functioning desktop vaporizer to hit the vape scene. Coming from the same manufactures that developed the super popular Vapir N02, the Vapir Rise is geared up to be their next flagship vape. Out of the box, the Vapir Rise totally impressed me with is modern and technological design. As a desktop style, it feels sturdy but isn't too heavy or to light to feel fragile. A boasting feature of the Rise is that it’s the first forced-air unit to be compatible with any type of aromatherapy blends, waxes, essential oils, or just about any other concentrates you can think of.

The Vapir Rise

The Vapir Rise

Aside from that, the Vapir Rise vaporizer is a tremendous breakthrough in the vaporizing technology as even higher end vape models like the Volcano don’t even have the ability to use more than one particular substance or can be used in more than three different ways. Click to enlargeSo as a multi-functional delivery system, the Vapir Rise can be used with the conventional whip system, through the ever popular balloon bag system, or through the exclusive hookah adapter it comes with.

All the many functions of this unit have their benefits as using the balloon or hookah adapter is great for group aromatherapy vaporization sessions, however while using the whip system it might be better suited for personal sessions. A revolutionary aspect of the Vapir Rise is its unique touch pad system making the vaporization process more efficient and user-friendly, as I was able to set my own preferred temperature to 380 degrees Fahrenheit, and I could even set it differently when I wanted to vape waxes or oils.

Inside the box:

  • Dry Blend Chamber
  • Oil Diffuser

    Click to enlarge
    Inside the box
  • Chamber Adapter
  • Balloon Adapter
  • Inhalation Adapter
  • Hot Chamber Grabber
  • Inflatable Balloons
  • HEPA Air Filters
  • Balloon Clamp
  • Mesh Screens
  • Silicone Tubing
  • Clear Mouthpiece
  • User Guide
  • Power Cord

Different methods

  1. Can be used with its Balloon System.
  2. Can be used with its Whip System.
  3. Can be used with its Exclusive Hookah Adapter (with up to 4 people at once).

Using the Rise with the Whip System:

When using the Whip System for the vaporizer, similar to the one that comes with the Arizer Extreme Q, I noticed that since it is a forced-air unit, it was really easy for me to get a solid inhalation of vapor and it was really consistent, so I did not have to keep inhaling over and over, which is cool.

Using the Vapir Rise with the whip

Using the Rise with the Balloon/Bag System:

When using the Rise with the Balloon attachment, I noticed how after I set my preferred vaping temp it heated up super quick and just from one bag I was able to share the contents with four other friends and we were all very satisfied to say the least.

Using the Rise with the Hookah Adapter:

When using the Rise with the Hookah Adapter, (which there is no other vape out that can do this) I really enjoyed being able to vaporize with others, and at the same time no doubt, instead of only having the choice of filling up a bag, was really nice, since I love options.

What I liked about the Rise the most:

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The chamber up close

Well my favorite aspect about the Vapir Rise was its multi-purpose functionality, and with being able to choose from what exact temp I wanted, and with being able to set the temperature, was perfect since if I decided to vape some LA Confidential, and I the bag was killer because I vaped an outstanding Purple OG and it stayed fresh in the bag for a long ass time, which was pretty cool. I even vaped some La Confidential with the Oil diffuser chamber attachment, sweet!

Ok so, if I had to rate this vaporizer, I would have to give it 5 stars, since I have not yet come into contact with another vape that even comes close to the Rises vaporizing abilities, and with an affordable price tag no less, you just can’t go wrong with this unit! On top of that, Vapir vaporizers are very well known around the world and they only seem to make high quality vapes, and the Rise is most def the best vaporizer I have ever used.


All right so if you are on the market today for a Volcano alternative, and an affordable desktop vaporizer that can vaporize just about anything you wish, and only costs a fraction of other top rated vaporizers out there, then the Vapir Rise might just be the perfect vaporizer for you!

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