REVIEW: Vaponic Portable Vaporizer


It’s a newly released device, currently available for € 49,50 at Azarius. This vaporizer still requires a lighter (preferably a torch) just like the Vaporgenie, but unlike the earlier reviewed Magic Flight Launch Box and Puffit Vaporizer.

Inside the Package:

  • The Vaponic itself, consisting of 2 glass pieces.  It has a gimmicky look, making it look like you are smoking something out of a test tube.
  • A long metal stick to ease the cleaning process
  • A marker, which serves as container
  • User manual

Using the Vaponic Vaporizer

We recommend to grind your weed

After reading the user manual, it became clear this device comes with a so called “learning curve”, just like the Vaporgenie vaporizer. However, unlike the Vaporgenie, after using this device you start to wonder why there would even be a learning curve. This is not an easy device to use, and in this case that’s a bad thing. Because stoners want something simple that they can preferably be passed around with their friends.

First we recommend grinding the bud, after which you have to stuff it in the tube and you apply the other tube.

Stay between the end of the tube and the red line!

What you basically have to do is use the blue part of the flame (or simply use a torch like we do and you won’t have to care about this), to heat up the test tube below the red line to the right temperature. Important to note is that you should not cross the red line, but neither should you light up the bottom end as that will result into the bud being burned.

And sure, when you do get it up to the right temperature however, you do have to admit it works. The bud will slightly turn brown and you should stop heating the device, after which you’ll be able to inhale the vapor. Can’t see any vapor? Light it up some more!

It is up to you whether or not you grind your weed before vaping it, but we recommend to do grind your weed as it turns out to be working better for us.

Keep your Vaponic and your bud in the included container pen!

Because it’s glass, the device shouldn’t become hot if you hold it right. When you don’t, you’ll learn that the end can be quite hot. Especially when baked this is something which you might forget and you’ll certainly regret after touching it when it’s hot… Be careful! Also, don’t try to let it cool down with something (for example: water…) as it may break the glass.

When you’re done with the Vaponic, simply let it cool down after which you can use the tool to push out the gauze and the left over bud. With the other end of the tool you’ll be able to put the gauze back in place.


  • Does what it should do, gets you high (when you finally master it…).
  • Gimmicky look is either a pro or a con, depending on your taste. This too counts for the container.


  • Too difficult in use
  • Not very useful around friends whom are inexperienced and aren’t looking for a learning curve
  • Have to be careful not to accidentally burn yourself.


If you are on the market for a cheap vaporizer that still requires a lighter, there simply are better options on the market. The Vaporgenie is on average 5 bucks cheaper and while that device too has a learning curve, it is a hell lot easier than using this device. And as mentioned before, it’s not easy to pass on to your friends whom are inexperienced and just want to get high.

Think you’ll be able to overcome the learning curve? Want to support us? This new device is available for € 49,50 over at Azarius or $ 60,00 over at Grasscity!