REVIEW: Zen Hemp Roll Tray


Rolling your favorite smoke is definitely a lot easier when you can roll on a flat surface. From our own experience, many different objects have served us as rolling trays: records, phones, food trays, plates and even tablets.  But they all had a downside, make one bad move and whatever you were rolling is now on it’s way to the floor. And as every stoner knows, this can occur pretty often.

That’s why probably Zen came up with their “Zen Hemp Rolling Tray”, which arrived from Azarius in our mailbox.


  • Size: approximately 30 cm x 15 cm
  • Resealable with lid
  • Storage compartment for your smoking gear
  • Made from recycled materials
  • The Box catches filler that would otherwise be wasted

As you may know, you can make pretty much everything from hemp, hence this tray is made from eco-friendly hemp plastic. Yes that’s correct: hemp plastic! It features a small storage compartment and is resealable (it comes with a rubber band), so you can roll everywhere!


  • Keeps your smoking gear together
  • You’ll spill less weed and/or tobacco, as leftovers stay in the box
  • Made from Hemp
  • It floats…


  • Not all grinders fit








Most important: Do you need it? It’s entirely up to you. It’s a bit large to carry around, but when going somewhere it also serves as a storage compartment for your smoking gear so that makes up for it’s size. And it’s size is perfect to roll on. One of it’s best parts is that the leftovers (weed and/or tobacco) will stay in the box instead of being spilled!


Want one? It’s available for € 13.50 in the Azarius Headshop! (international shipping)