A couple of weeks ago a square cardboard box arrived at our office. On the side, pictured an American flag and written above and below: MADE IN U.S.A.

Inside the box, we found two Santa Cruz Shredders. And they’re rightfully proud at producing these in the U.S.A.

Santa Cruz Shredders
Picture credit: thestonedsociety.com

While many inventions, whether it be in the technology industry or cannabis industry (or combined) end up being mass-produced in China for cheap labor, for the consumer even worse are products being (improperly) copied, undercutting competition. By keeping production in the U.S.A., or Europe for that matter, jobs are created that would’ve otherwise not been there. Patriotism done right if you ask me.

[quote_right]Made in the U.S.A. [/quote_right]

And so after taking out a matte black 3 piece and red 4 piece shredder out of the bubblewrap, one of the first things that immediately comes to mind is you are holding a quality product.

Next up was taking them apart and checking out the differences between the two shredders. What’s so great about being able to review both of these at the same time, is they are very similar except only the 4 piece shredder also has a kief screen at the bottom (the 4th piece…).


Picture credit: thestonedsociety.com
Picture credit: thestonedsociety.com

Because they are otherwise very similar, I too was able to research and try to answer the question whether or not you should get a shredder with a kief screen. Now after asking around in the community, around 80% of those I’ve asked responded with a yes. Only some people prefer without, while there too is a hardcore group which is against using any grinders at all because they only smoke the little fruity sacks, ensuring there’s absolutely no leaf or little branch in their smoke by not using a grinder.

Because the latter argument is only useful when you have got nothing to do in your life other than picking our your buds all day, this is where we split the review and delve into the separate Santa Cruz shredders.

4 Piece Santa Cruz Shredder

4 piece santa cruz shredder
Picture credit: thestonedsociety.com


Collecting kief for turbo charging your joint, blunt or bong every once in a while (and thus smoking), is one of the most obvious things to do with kief.

Santa Cruz Shredder Herbal Chamber
Picture credit: thestonedsociety.com


There are many more things you can do with kief though, like using it to cook for butter or oil, or making hash.

Santa Cruz Shredder Kief Screen
Picture credit: thestonedsociety.com


So unless you are going to collect your kief and do something useful with it, another argument for not getting a 4 piece shredder is your kief (basically THC trichromes) which would otherwise be in your ground up herbs, making your herbs you’re going to smoke less potent.

3 Piece Santa Cruz Shredder

The 3 Piece Santa Cruz shredder, doesn’t collect your kief and so your ground up herbs will have the potent trichromes in the herbs, not in a fourth chamber.

3 piece Santa Cruz Shredder
Picture credit: thestonedsociety.com


Also worth considering: when you’re borrowing someone’s (or borrowing them yours) I can understand you do not want to use a grinder with a kief catcher, as you won’t get to smoke it all.


  • Easy, smooth grinders
  • Good grip
  • Produced in the USA (creating jobs!)
  • Quality product
  • It just shreds through large buds


  • The whole package you’re going to feel in your wallet


If you consider yourself a big time cannabis consumer, it is worth considering getting a quality grinder. Whether or not that’s going to be with a kief screen, that’s totally going to be up to you.

3 Piece Santa Cruz Shredders are available right now for $52 on the Santa Cruz Shredders website, while 4 piece Santa Cruz Shredders (this size) are going for $65.