Last week we spend another day in Amsterdam. Luckily for us, that meant our Amsterdam Edible Review would continue for another couple of editions.

We made a stop at Coffeeshop Bagheera to check out the new Space Brownies flavours by Amsterdam Edible Connection, the same place where you can get your Rainbow Kush Cakes.

We picked up two Space Brownies and one Rainbow Kush cake, all containing half a gram of cannabis.

Space Brownies
The Granola Bar didn’t have THC in it, but it was a great snack nevertheless!


It would only take about an hour for the edibles to kick in

We had reasonably good weather last weekend and as such, we divided the two Space Brownies and (banana) Rainbow Kush Cake over our test subjects.

It would only take about an hour for the edibles to kick in, as advertised on the packaging.

Much like our previous Amsterdam Edible Review editions, we ate them about 1.5 hours before we would be blessed with an Indian dinner this time.


We had two flavors of space brownies: hemp seeds and caramel. I had the latter and it was the best brownie I ever hard, with or without THC. The chocolate taste was spot on, combined with sea salt and of course, caramel.

Space Brownies
Caramel and Hemp Seeds

And while the Hemp Seeds version was a little more bland, it’s arguably a slightly healthier option than the sugar laced caramel version.


it worked like a charm and it continued to for about 5 hours

Like I said earlier, it didn’t take long to kick in. Personally, I was still recovering from an edible I did the night before and was expecting a less intense experience, unlike my friends.

However, it worked like a charm and it continued to for about 5 hours.

Halfway through, we were so damn stoned and hungry, but we were expecting this and we had a lovely dinner that really turned out to be a flavour roller coaster. Even without the Space Brownies it probably was, but it felt even more intense.

And as with all good edibles, I notice how little I grasp for more cannabis. We still smoked some, but considerably less than we normally would.

As such, the Space Brownies by Amsterdam Edible Connection are fair to say, The Stoned Society approved!

You can pick up one for 8 euros, or two for 14 at Coffeeshop Bagheera (open every day from 09:00 till 01:00). Various flavours available.