Dry leaf vaporizers are getting better and better. But to get things really right is still an achievement. With the Storm Vaporizer Pen, courtesy of Vaposhop.com, there’s a good chance it will make the expectations. Multiple attachments, removable battery, ceramic chamber and all round usage (not just dry leaf, but concentrates too), sounds much like any portable vaporizer should have. Turns out, the Storm Vaporizer Pen does.

So, what do we get in the box?

Inside the Storm Vaporizer Pen box you will find:

  • Storm Vaporizer Pen with Improved Airflow
  • Storm battery
  • Steel Wax Chamber
  • Cleaning brush
  • Packing tool
  • Tweezers
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Mains Adapter
  • User Manual

Preparing the Storm Vaporizer Pen for first time use

Using the provided USB charger and adapter, it is recommended to let the Storm charge for a full day, before using it for the first time.

Filling up the chamber is rather easy: simply twist the mouthpiece and add your preferred herbs to the chamber. You can pack the chamber fairly tight, by pushing on the material with the supplied packing tool. Don’t pack it too tight though, you still want the hot air to breeze through there.

Using the Storm Vaporizer Pen

The Storm only has one button, functioning as power button and temperature switch. There are 5 different temperature settings, ranging from 180 to 220 degrees Celcius (or 356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit).

Storm Vaporizer PenOlder models are turned on by pressing the power button 5 times, but the newer versions only require pressing the button 3 times. Holding the button for a moment will change the temperature. The LED will blink when the Storm is powered up and heating up, turning solid when the desired temperature has been reached. Heating up takes about a minute, after which you can start vaping!

Hits are smooth and the Storm is easy to use for sharing with your friends. However I did notice a downside when using the stock mouthpiece: because it’s so close to the heating chamber, after long time usage it will start to get hot on your lips. Recommended is to have smaller sessions, or opt for the glass mouthpiece attachment. Or, consider buying the bubbler mouthpiece featured in the next paragraph, taking the Storm Vaporizer Pen to a whole ‘nother level! Other than that, I’ve found the Storm to be an excellent travel companion producing big clouds, easily convincing smokers to consider vaporizing a try.

Storm Vaporizer Pen Bubbler Mouthpiece

A while back, you may have read our VapeXhale review. Now, that’a a desktop vaporizer. But the Storm Vaporizer Pen with Bubbler Mouthpiece, actually pretty close to being the portable experience.

Storm Vaporizer Pen BubblerCooling the vapour as you inhale, the hand-blown glass Bubbler Mouthpiece produces even much smoother hits. A real joy to use, but it does make the Storm less portable. It pretty much turns the Storm into a flute sized vaporizer, but if that doesn’t bother you: it’s worth getting and taking with you on your journeys.

According to Vaposhop.com, to fill the water chamber, simply fill the water chamber with a few drops of water (fill to the white water line only to avoid over-flow). The water will not be level once filled (this is intentional.)


  • Removable battery
  • Multiple attachments
  • Dry leaf and concentrates
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Bubbler mouthpiece!


  • Stock mouth piece can get hot during long sessions
  • One button solution could be worked out better


Considering the price, attachments and removable battery: the Storm Vaporizer Pen is arguably the best entry level dry leaf vaporizer for 99 euros. In fact, if you order yours through Azarius.net, you will support The Stoned Society while doing so and we can keep providing you with information!