The Reefer Pipe: Turn A Joint Into A Pipe [Review]

The Reefer Pipe makes the reefer/joint experience a lot more bearable, especially for non-habitual cannabis smokers.


Reefer Pipes is a small startup business owned and operated by a couple of hippies from the sixties. The Reefer Pipe was invented after many burnt fingers and lips (from small pipes) and so they came up with a solution. A pipe that turns a joint into a pipe. And is patent pending! The Reefer Pipe keeps the airflow wide open and it increases the toking power like a pipe does.  And it also keeps the flame away from your face especially when re-lighting. Most importantly it’s easy to keep clean, (unlike glass pipes) just run a pipe cleaner through it and you’re done. Fresh hits all the time without re-loading. They’re made using many different types of Lampwork European  glass and wood beads which come from all over the world. Reefer Pipe styles and colors always change according to availability of the beads. They are handmade in the USA using the best materials and will last a lifetime. So knowing that, let’s give it a try!

Using the Reefer Pipe

We European cannabis users are basically all joint smokers, so this came in quite handy. But while in the USA most people roll without a filter (or tip, however you want to call it), here we do. What I did was just roll up with a (wide) tip that I would get out of the joint before placing in the reefer pipe. You just simply pull back the bead, connect the Reefer Pipe to the joint after which you let go off the bead and it will attach and stay attached. DSC_0257 I was curious at first whether and if we would actually use this, but after a long weekend with friends where I took some reefer pipes with me, the reaction was surprisingly good. Many people don’t like to smoke the last bit of a joint and this made it a lot more bearable and while it looked weird at first, they got used to it rather quickly.


  • If you were using filters before, now you don’t need them anymore
  • Makes the experience of the last bit of a joint a lot more bearable (especially for new smokers)
  • Easy to use (and clean)


  • It draws attention, so using in public isn’t going to happen
  • Price. It could be cheaper.


I enjoyed my time with the Reefer Pipe and will continue using it, especially around non-habitual cannabis smokers. The price is a discussion point, but I’m inclined to give the Reefer Pipe the benefit of the doubt. Interested in getting your own Reefer Pipe? For $10.99 (wooden beads) or $11.99 (glass) you can get your own over at the Reefer Pipes website!