Vaporgenie Review

The Vaporgenie is actually the first vaporizer I ever bought. A roommate of mine had bought a Volcano and I really enjoyed the very uplifting high I experienced from it, so I decided to buy my own vaporizer. At the smartshop they only had vaporizers from over 100 euros and this one was just 50 and it does the trick, so it sounded perfect for me!

Vaporizer Vapor genie

Vaporgenie Review

The Vaporgenie is a small, portable vaporizer that looks like a regular pipe, but appearances are deceptive. Instead of burning your bud with a lighter, you will have to hold your lighter above the bowl to heat it up to around 200 degrees. This vaporizer is for sale for around 50 dollars which isn’t very much compared to most vaporizers. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want to start vaping their bud, but don’t want to make a big investment.


Using the Vaporgenie

The Vaporgenie works quite simple. Simply loosen the top part and put your ground bud in the hole. I used around 50 mg (seventh of a joint).

After filling it, you can put the top part back on top.

Because of the fact that your bud is between these two parts, it is unable to drop out of it when you turn the device, so that  can be very convenient when you transport it in your pockets or luggage. Now the device is loaded and ready for use.

The next step is to create vape by holding a regular lighter or a torch above of it and start inhaling very slowly. Keep in mind that how slower you inhale, the hotter the bud gets and on this way you can control the temperature. Another way of controlling the temperature is by the distance between the top of the vaporizer and the flame of your lighter.

There’s a small learning curve you have to go through when you just bought the device, so in the beginning you will burn your bud accidentally and instead of a nice aromatic taste you will end up tasting burned popcorn or something. The quality of the vape it produces, depends a lot on your skills of using it, this makes it not very suitable to use among other people who haven’t got any experience.

My experience is that a nice hit of the Vaporgenie will take around 10 seconds while holding your lighter just above of it, on a way that the flame is just hanging on the top level when inhaling. When using a torch: keep the flame a little higher due to the hotter flame. After 3 or 4 hits, most of the stuff has been consumed and it get’s time to refresh your herb.



The general experience

The Vaporgenie is a small device that can easily fit in your pocket, so you can take and use it anywhere (as long as you have a lighter with you af course). This makes it an ideal vaporizer to use for when chilling in the park or if you want to smoke at the beach. Because of the learning curve involved for using this device, it isn’t very handy to use when you’re chilling out with some friends. They will put the lighter to deep in the hole and start complaining about the awful taste. By then you can better grab a joint because they’re smoking it anyways.



  • Cheap
  • Robust
  • Easy in use


  • Learning curve
  • It drains your lighters very quick
  • Sometimes you can taste a little butane gas coming from your lighter
  • You have to open it to see if your stuff is still vape-able
  • Not ideal to use amongst other people


It’s robust (The device looks very solid, it’s a decent combination of just wood and metal which is kinda stylish), easy in use (after the learning curve) and very cheap, an ideal first time vaporizer if you ask me. Till now it’s by far the cheapest vaporizer we reviewed on this website. Although I’ve got a lot of other more expensive vaporizers, I still like the Vaporgenie very much, mostly because of its simplicity.

Interested in buying one? Want to support us? North America can order the Vaporgenie vaporizer by clicking through here, Europeans by clicking through here.