Writing and editing


Right now I’m writing a bi-weekly Dutch column for CNNBS, the Netherlands’ biggest cannabis website. In the past, I’ve written (long) articles (including interviews) and edited texts for Cannabis News Network. A couple of examples are included below.

Apart from cannabis news websites, I’m also writing a monthly blog for Biotabs and writing/editing text and blogs for Suzy Seeds. Here’s an example of a piece I wrote for Biotabs:

From September I’m also writing a biweekly vaporizer review for VapoShop at CNNBS. Here’s the first one:


I started The Stoned Society with a couple of friends back in 2012. For long, it was the place to find independent articles about cannabis news, product reviews and cannabis entertainment. Eventually, I couldn’t keep up anymore and lost my place in Google. As such, I started freelancing more to get to where I am now.

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